• Pintura Roja - Pinceladas Musicales LP
  • Pintura Roja - Pinceladas Musicales LP

    Pintura Roja - Pinceladas Musicales LP

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    At a time when female dancers were not yet seen on stages, women were usuallyfound performing administrative roles or attending businesses inside and outside the concert premises. Few participated in musical productions; one of them, the great Noemi Felicita Huarcaya, singer of the Peruvian central highlands, had collaborated with Los Shapis in 1983, but there was still no record of a "frontwoman" leading the image of a chicha band. It is here that Zarate, who had already tried his luck with a female vocalist in "Los Dinámicos", became interested in adding the jovial voice of a young girl brimming with charisma and grace. Zárate begins scouting in his close environment and goes into the homes of his friends, until he meets Milagros Soto, the daughter of Jaime Soto, former member of "Los Dinámicos". At that time, the young girl from Barrios Altos, who would adopt the stage name of Princesita Mily, was 17 years old, had never sung live and liked rock and pop artists like Cindy Lauper (perhaps one of her earliest influences as asinger). Nevertheless, Zarate relies on his intuition and convinces her to sign for Pintura Roja before discovering that her voice reached very high ranges and denoted freshness and courage

    • Pintura Roja
    Pinceladas Musicales
    • Lima
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    • Discos Horóscopo [1985]
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    Peruvian and Latin American musical archeology with lots of pysch cumbia, fuzz killer chicha, rockbeat, boogaloo, nueva ola, boleros and more gems🔥