About Discos Fantástico!

As enthusiasts of the rich Latin American musical heritage, this label is dedicated to the rescue and revaluation of popular music from the old guard. With more than 10,000 phonograms and works under our management, we revive and celebrate the sounds that now form part of our cultural heritage.

  • Digging

    We scour dusty crates, attics, and archives in search of old records, each holding a piece of history within its grooves. These artifacts, weathered by time and often overlooked, serve as windows into bygone eras, carrying within them the echoes of past performances and the stories of their creators.

  • Restoring

    Once discovered, our mission extends to meticulously restoring these original master recordings, using cutting-edge technology to delicately remove imperfections and enhance the clarity and fidelity of the sound, breathing new life into the timeless melodies of the past.

  • Releasing

    With every release, we uncover not just music but fragments of culture, snapshots of moments long gone but never forgotten. These records are more than mere objects; they are portals to a world that continues to shape and inspire us today.