• Estelita Del Llano - Sensual - LP
  • Estelita Del Llano - Sensual - LP
  • Estelita Del Llano - Sensual - LP

    Estelita Del Llano - Sensual - LP

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    By 1963, great Latin American artists such as Lucho Gatica, Felipe Pirela, Bienvenido Granda, Leo Marini, Benny Moré, Tito Rodríguez, Toña La Negra, Blanca Rosa Gil and the so-called queen of boleros, Olga Guillot, had enriched the musical landscape, giving personality to the bolero. That year, in the midst of a new panorama, a bolero star was born from the depths of Venezuelan radio: Estelita Del Llano. “Sensual”, her debut album, is one of the greatest gems of the genre, with arrangements and orchestration by Porfi Jiménez.

    The selection includes "Mi enamorado corazón" by Peruvian composer Gustavo Seclen Menchola; "El Chiclayano," in which the vibraphone and the crystalline voice join forces in a great bolero cha-cha-cha; "Las fibras del alma" and "No quisiera despertar," by Cubans Joseíto González and René Barrera, respectively; and "Tantos años" by Enrique Fabregat from Spain. Estelita also sings "La mano de Dios" by the prolific Mexican composer José Alfredo Jiménez and "Por que lo quise tanto" by Mariano Alberto Martínez, better known as Mariano Mores.

    Rediscovering "Sensual" almost 60 years after its release, and listening to it on the same magnificent vinyl format that Estelita Del Llano used to launch her solo career - which continues to this day - is a pleasure for the original audience and a revelation for new ones all over the world.

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    Peruvian and Latin American musical archeology with lots of pysch cumbia, fuzz killer chicha, rockbeat, boogaloo, nueva ola, boleros and more gems🔥