• Los Shapis - Los Auténticos LP
  • Los Shapis - Los Auténticos LP

    Los Shapis - Los Auténticos LP

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    This first album of Los Shapis changed everything, not only for its irreverence of rock and roll but also of punk. If we look closely, the album cover is a type of "plagiarism", a mockery, a parody of the album cover from the Ramones fourth album, "Road your ruin". Instead of New York punks, we find Peruvian chicheros who have put on the threadbare clothes of these rock and rollers but with the background of the city of Lima illuminated with a pink color, almost childish. What did the designer of the cover want to tell us or suggest to us with this? We do not know, but we do suspect that his intention was to be irreverent, daring, bold, not fearing the empire or the West, but devouring it, decolonizing it, "chichafying" it in a gesture of anthropophagy and cultural challenge

    • Los Shapis
    Los Auténticos
    • Huancayo
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    • Discos Horóscopo [1981]
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    • Magnetica Music Group
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    Peruvian and Latin American musical archeology with lots of pysch cumbia, fuzz killer chicha, rockbeat, boogaloo, nueva ola, boleros and more gems🔥